It’s about to get real for corporate racists because the New York City Commission on Human Rights has newly launched a campaign titled, “While Black“. Meant to target individuals with darker skin tone who experience discrimination while simply walking, shopping, or doing any of a list of mundane activities that most humans do, but yet face clear discrimination simply because of their race or heritage.

The campaign strives to reach all New Yorkers with the very poignant message that business owners, employers, property managers, etc. can and will be held legally liable for targeting minorities because of the color of their skin. The goal of the campaign is to affirm to all Black and Brown people that you have the absolute right to live your life free of the pain, the humiliation, and the emotional distress that race-based bias and discrimination causes.

Carmelyn P. Malalis, the Commissioner and Chair of the New York Commission on Human Rights asserts:

This campaign references the deep connections between the fight against anti-Black racism and the fight for human rights.  It affirms the experiences of Black people who have been targeted for discrimination, harassment and intimidation while simply going about their day-to-day lives, and puts those who would seek to discriminate, harass or intimidate Black New Yorkers on notice that bigotry and bias will not be tolerated in our city.

So basically, Whole Foods.

If you have experienced being followed while Black at Whole Foods Market or faced racial discrimination at any New York City retailer, bank, employment agency, broker, or employer, please do report the discrimination to the NYCCHR at 718-722-3131. Please feel free to also fill out an online form to report the discrimination HERE.

It is your human right to live free of bias and discrimination while Black!!