Today’s gift from Whole Foods Market is in the spirit of the U.N.’s International Day For the Elimination of Racial Discrimination – March 21st, as a Whole Foods Market employee in Philadelphia has filed a federal lawsuit against his employer of 21 years for just that.

Racism. The Whole Foods Market gift that keeps on giving.

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The long-suffering Whole Foods manager knows the inside story all too well, and so is taking his fight for equality to a federal courtroom. Having expressed his concerns to various Whole Foods management for more than a decade, the fed up employee finally filed a formal complaint with the EEOC last Spring. Recognizing that there is a company-wide pattern that demonstrates a serious systemic racial discrimination issue deeply imbedded within the Whole Foods corporate culture, the 45 year old college degree holder has brought the newly filed suit seeking unspecified damages for him and possibly for other Whole Foods team members who continue to suffer in similar circumstances at the company.

To read more about the case of Jaleel McFadden vs. Whole Foods Market please visit Philadelphia Magazine for a much more detailed article about this story.

Back to back federal lawsuits for workplace bias and racial discrimination at Whole Foods Market.

Similarly, just this past January, 2019 a U.S district judge has given the green light for a racial discrimination case filed by a former New York City Whole Foods employee, in the case of Thierno Diallo vs. Whole Foods. Diallo’s complaint highlights discriminatory and hostile treatment regularly experienced by him over the course of 3 years, only to be exacerbated by his call to a corporate whistleblower hotline reporting these conditions. He was shortly thereafter terminated for making prayer while on the clock with Whole Foods citing the reason for his termination as theft of time. However, in Diallo’s complaint he cites instances of other, more privileged team members similarly overstaying breaks but rather receiving promotions in spite of this. To read the U.S. District Court’s opinion and order on this matter, please view HERE. We wish both men all the luck in their fight for equality and fair treatment, and we 100% support their cause.

Happy International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination!!


Whole Foods Market and partner in crime Elite Security take another L at the top of 2019, as the lawsuits continue to pile up.  A New York artist, activist, and performer has filed a lawsuit against Whole Foods Market and its crime fam Elite Security for damages suffered as a result of an assault that took place at the Whole Foods Bowery location in August, 2018.

As shown in the video, the undercover loss prevention goon allegedly served up her assault soufflé on the Houston Street sidewalk, while clearly agitated that the shopper caught her reprehensible actions on camera.

Since Whole Foods and Elite will likely go to great lengths to protect her identity we will just refer to her as alias “Bruce Leroy” from here on out.

This particular lawsuit is an interesting one, as it has sparked my curiosity about inconsistencies and pieces of information that don’t quite add up.  First and foremost the initial complaint names Elite Security Personnel LLC as a Delaware corporation, but I am unable to find an Elite Security Personnel LLC registered in the state of Delaware.  Yet I am able to find a company called Elite Security Personnel Inc. registered in the state of Delaware as well as an Elite Security Personnel LLC registered with the New York State Department of State as a security guard company.  However, and this is where I am all the way lost, Elite Security Personnel LLC in New York has ZERO licensed security guards on its state licensing roster.


So though Elite Security Personnel LLC may be parading itself as the security company that provides security guard services for Whole Foods Market, the NYS Department of State licensing check does not indicate that that company actually has personnel who are licensed to provide security services.  It is a requirement by the NYS Department of State for a licensed provider of services to display its current roster of licensed personnel on the state’s website.


Even more odd, in my own research I personally went undercover as an individual pretending to be interested in a security guard job at the Union Square Whole Foods, and was shown start paperwork that had Elite Investigations clearly in the header of the document. So something is amiss with the way that Elite Investigations, Elite Security Personnel LLC, and whatever other “Elite” will pop up now as a result of a clear attempt to avoid legal liability for human rights violations and negligence.

We wish the New York woman good luck in her attempt to hold Whole Foods legally responsible for their actions in this case. Happy Women’s History Month!


Activism pays!! I have been selected to win a $100 Gift Card from Amazon, owner of Whole Foods Market. Being one of the lucky ones, I am most gracious for such a worthy gift, and even more so since i receive these Amazon gift card emails nearly every day. With all of the free Amazon gift cards that have been emailed to me over the past several months, I could put them all together and use them toward the purchase my own racially biased Amazon Facial Rekognition surveillance package. Just for me!!

I would also like to take this opportunity to shout out Raj Tech News and since they have put much time and effort into creating their fake Amazon recruitment website. If you are in the market for a job at Amazon, please do not make the mistake of clicking on any links related to their web property, as I guarantee that they are 100% scamming by “phishing”. Phishing is a con that hackers execute to induce users to click on fake links in an attempt to view the user’s ip address. Once Raj Tech News is able to see your ip address they can then hack your network and ultimately your computer. If you contribute content to a blog called “Whole Foods Mafia” this would be especially juicy for such a network of hackers!

I feel extremely blessed and lucky!! And I am now giftcard RICH!!


In a run of three trifecta, Whole Foods security co. Elite Investigations is under investigation by the New York City Commission on Human Rights. Batting three for three, The New York City Commission on Human Rights is the third New York agency to receive formal complaints of Elite Investigation’s method of operations and accused violations.

Elite Investigations, a private investigations company that aggressively polices Whole Foods shoppers (unbeknownst to most of them), has also been accused in the past of cultivating, nurturing a retaliatory culture, as well as initiating retaliatory attacks on those who dare complain about hostile treatment at the behest of Elite Investigations agents.  As a result, many individuals are hesitant to speak up about mistreatment and/or misconduct due to the retaliatory nature of the way Elite Investigations responds to such concerns.

I have personally read several filed complaints and affidavits thus I have knowledge of slightly more than what I am willing to share here, as to reveal some details (even for the sake of clicks) would 100% compromise one of the investigations into Elite’s alleged culture of retaliation. So for once I am being very sparing in what I reveal on this matter and I’ll just leave it at that.  In fact I will close out by saying that the investigation into human rights violations is actually the simplest, most straight forward of them all.


Dear Whole Foods Mafia readers.

Okay I’ve got to put the Whole Foods Mob Family Tree on blast once again because the man seen in the photos below was outside of my apartment building this afternoon snapping pictures of me to enter into Amazon’s facial recognition surveillance database.  Apparently I am famous now so I asked him to make sure to get my good side.  I’m hoping that he honored that. It would have been really cool if he could have stalked me all the way to Trader Joe’s and got candids of me walking in without being  racially profiled and creepily stalked by undercover loss prevention officers.

Still the same ol’ me, I am now fearless girl with a bullet proof vest on.

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